Internet Marketing Optimization Specialist (Working Remotely)


Compensation: $23,000/yr - $36,000/yr + 3 Weeks and 1 day paid time off + Benefits

Employment type: Full-time

If you dream of a career with no corporate BS, where you can use creativity, curiosity and analytical thinking, to make a real, measurable impact for clients, and work in your slippers from your own house or anywhere you choose connected to a team and clients via online tools and video chat, this position was made for you.

We’re NOT looking to hire you and then tell you what to do. We’re looking for someone we can trust to get the job done. Someone who is insatiably curious, self motivated, 100% reliable, has the internal drive to constantly learn (moving towards mastery) and is not afraid to admit they might be wrong... we’re looking for leaders.

The opportunity here is NOT to fit in, but to build the perfect company for each other.

If you think that sounds interesting, please keep reading.

My name is Bobby Hewitt, and I’m the CEO of Creative Thirst. We're a conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency, that focuses exclusively on increasing revenue and average order value for companies selling direct to consumer health products and natural health supplements.

I’m looking for someone to grow the company with, take under my wing, and train. You don’t necessarily need to know anything about conversion optimization to start but it is a plus. There’s nothing but opportunity for growth and career development with this position. The growth trajectory of this role is entirely up to you. Would you prefer to: manage a team of optimizers, become a copywriter, a researcher, a marketing superstar, a senior optimizer, contribute to business development? The sky’s the limit, it’s whatever you want. Remember, we’re building this together.

But to start out you’ll have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty...

There will be times when you will need to wear a digital marketer hat and think with a marketing mindset from the perspective of a web visitor balanced with what will have the most impact for the client’s goals. (The best user experience is NOT always the best option for maximizing revenue.)

Other times you'll need to wear a client facing account manager hat and interact directly with clients, provide updates, via email and video conferencing calls with clients.

Still other times you'll need to wear a project manager hat and coordinate multiple projects, team members, clients teams, ensure deadlines are on track, review work to ensure it was done correctly and generally move the ball along.

The work you will be doing will require in-depth thinking around the psychology of buying online, and a large part of execution in preparing documents, screenshots and design wireframes (the ability to write and having an eye for conversion focused design is key. And can also be a learned skill.)

Most of the clients you’ll be working with are selling Nutritional Supplements and other health related products online. Although not a requirement, an interest in health is a plus.

This is a full-time role and you’ll report directly to me, the CEO, however you will be also working very closely with existing client teams.

All applicants will need to complete an online personality test to ensure you’re the right fit.

A Bit About The Training:

There will be a training period starting on your first day and continuing forever. There is literally no end to the pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re in a marketing book club with required reading and discussion. Other times you’ll feel like you’re in a virtual classroom with access to video classes to watch and or listen to. But it's your responsibility to understand it and apply it.

Ideal Candidates Should Have:

- A reliable internet connection, a dedicated computer of their own and will need to download applications (Zoom, Skype, etc.) in-order to work virtually.

- They should be a curious person who is also a bit technical, familiar with Excel, and Google docs and not scared to figure out how to do something by Googling it and learning on their own.

- They should have a genuine desire to want to learn about digital marketing, or know a thing or two about it already.

- Knowledge of direct response marketing, split-testing and copywriting is a plus but not required.

- Experience with Photoshop is a plus.

- Experience with HTML is a plus.

- They should believe in continuous growth and learning.

- Ability to take initiative and to work independently

- Strong communication skills (both verbal and written)

- Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment

- Outstanding problem solving skills

- Excellent organizational skills

Responsibilities Include:

- Internet marketing analysis and execution.

- Project management

- Market and customer research

- Wire framing

- Reporting and tracking marketing results

- Other direct marketing and split testing tasks

- Develop hypotheses to build and execute A/B or multivariate tests according to the optimization strategy and testing plan.

- Recommend changes based on winning test results.

- Monitor health industry trends and new product offerings to stay up to speed and ahead of the competition.

- Attend client facing virtual meetings (leading these meetings over time on your own).

- Contribute article writing to the Creative Thirst blog.

Benefits Include:

Three (3) weeks paid time off (one week includes Christmas week) + National U.S Holidays (and your birthday)

Medical benefits start after 90 days of hiring date.

About Us:

Creative Thirst focuses on increasing revenue and average order value for companies selling health for companies selling health products and or natural health supplements direct to consumers. We do this by developing split-testing for various clients.

The best experiments are experiments are done on purpose. They are done with rigor and intent. They are measured. They are designed to either fail or create an approach that can be scaled. Great experimenters measure their results. They probe. And when they find something that works, they scale their work.

Please send all inquiries to bobby @ creative thirst dot com