Certifications & Awards

Certified Visual Website Optimizer PartnerCertified Visual Website Optimizer Partner

Officially certified by Visual Website Optimizer to provide A/B and Multivariate testing solutions and services.

Certified in Value Proposition DevelopmentCertified In Value Proposition Development

The art of crafting and expressing unique value propositions for your ideal customer.

Certified in Landing Page OptimizationCertified In Landing Page Optimization

The art and science of improving page efficiency for converting a higher percentage of visitors to sales.

Certified in Landing Page OptimizationCertified In Online Testing

The science and methodologies for testing which version of a page leads to the greatest improvement in conversion.

Certified in Funnel OptimizationCertified Funnel Optimization Expert

Certified in total customer value optimization across the entire sales funnel.

Web Analytics Achievement AwardUBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics Winner

The Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) Continuing Studies awards Bobby Hewitt, president, owner and director of conversion for Creative Thirst, the 2008 Jim Novo Award of Academic Excellence.

Learn what it takes to convert more clicks into customers with the FREE Conversion Rate Optimization process flow infographic.

  • Learn how to conduct a proper split test step by step (and what to do at each step.)
  • Learn techniques and resources to get started for each step of the process, (these literally took me years to develop.)
  • Understand the right questions to ask before and after each test (to ensure you not only get a lift but also learn something to base your next test on.)