How We Work

We start every engagement with a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) roadmap audit before conducting any research or split-testing. This uncovers your biggest areas for increased revenue and allows us both to work together to prioritize where you should start.

Then if you decide to continue, we move on to the research phase of our engagement. Where we dive deep into the psychology of your buyers and non-buyers to understand what they buy and why they don’t and diagnose the problem. Finally after your research is completed we can start prescribing solutions based on your data and begin the process of split-testing.

Step 1 - Conversion Rate Optimization Roadmap Audit

Your journey to higher revenue starts with a Roadmap Audit because it’s hard to succeed unless you know where you’re going.

During this phase we'll audit your business goals along with how that translates to your website’s visitor psychology. We do this by first looking at your Google Analytics data to pull out the insights and opportunities. Then we layer our buyer decision framework on top of that data on key pages like, landing pages, checkout/signup flows and any points of friction and anxiety that exists in the mind of your visitors.

All of this is distilled and simplified into a detailed Roadmap Audit Document (typically over 10 pages) outlining areas of opportunity for improvement. Your Roadmap Audit Document is delivered to you along with a one hour conference call with one of our conversion rate specialists, to begin prioritizing your revenue opportunities and walking you through some of the more finer details of your custom roadmap.

Step 2 - Conversion Rate Optimization Research

Optimization and split-testing without data is just guessing. Although you might get lucky a few times, more often than not guesses don’t work in the long run. The big insights and gains come from data, and we’re going to help you understand it. This level or research is a vital step for any split-testing optimization and it’s from this phase that a conversion diagnosis is developed.

Building on the analysis in the Roadmap Audit we go further in the research phase, which usually lasts about 60 days, (with data collection taking about 30 days) and focuses on completely understanding your customer, (deeper than you may think you understand them right now) through several lenses. The first of which is a series of open ended surveys with both your buyers and non-buyers. (We like to get at least 100-200 responses per survey.) This helps us start to understand why people didn’t take action (buy, sign up, etc) and why others did. Coupled with one-on-one phone interviews we will conduct with your most recent buyers, (we like to get at least 20) allows us to get a full understanding of what your customers are thinking.

But we also want to know what they don’t tell us. What are they actually doing on your website that’s costing you sales? For this we virtually “look over their shoulders” during their visit with recordings of their actual sessions, (we like to watch at least 200 sessions). Along with heatmaps / clickmaps and scroll depth maps to see where people click, where they don’t and how far people scroll on your site. Additionally, we also conduct usability testing videos with 5 people who match your ideal prospect.

The final lens is an analysis of at least 2 of your direct competitors because we believe that perspective is only meaningful with context.

All of these soft data points combine to give us a complete picture of your ideal buyer and non-buyers. We will learn the real reasons why your customers buy, (not why you think they buy) and why prospects don’t. We’ll uncover their fears, doubts, and hesitations, (it’s not always about your product, most of the time it’s about them.)

Finally, we’ll build two sets of documents. Customer persona documents shaping what we learn into a fully fleshed out personality with emphasis on their emotional triggers and beliefs. And an Optimization Research document (usually at least 15 - 20 pages) that summarizes all of our findings.

All research is conducted on a per product or product line basis. A separate research fee is required for additional products or product lines.

Step 3 - Split-Testing

Increase your revenue so that you can grow your business faster with a bundle of 6 consecutive split-tests.

Your data drives your growth starting with your roadmap, which tells us where we’re heading. Then, your customer centric research diagnoses your revenue growth problems. Finally split-testing is the vehicle that puts it all together so that we can begin prescribing solutions based on your data.

Each test takes an iterative step allowing you to precisely measure the effect of change, learn with each step and compound improvements. All tests aim for a statistical confidence level of 95% with an accurate sample size of data.

Some tests may only change a single variable or two but based on the depth of research a single variable can have a huge impact on your business. Others may take bigger swings with a variable cluster test in which multiple elements are changed, all supporting a single hypothesis. So in either case we get a learning we can apply to your next test.

For each test we tap into your current resources for design and development work, and become part of your existing team by providing wireframes and design/code briefs, outlining what changes we need to make for tests, as well as providing explicit direction to your team through project management.

But sometimes you need a little extra help implementing. Not everyone has design and development resources available or your internal team may not have the time to add more to their plate. If your existing design and dev team is at capacity we can provide these services for all tests.

Once a test is complete and validated by a conversion specialist the results, insights and analysis will be shared with you and your team on a conference call in addition to the final test-document. Then the next round of testing will begin again for further improvement.

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