The 4 Framework Growth Method

We’ve been helping online health businesses generate more profit for over six years. The experience we’ve gained has shown us why people buy health products differently and what’s required for a health company to succeed.

Creative Thirst is focused solely on helping our clients grow their business, with the online traffic they already have, through conversion rate optimization and split-testing in a unique way that is specific to the health market. Everything we do is contained within The 4 Framework Growth Method, which leads to continuous growth and insights for web and mobile experiences in the natural health industry.

The 4 Framework Growth Method comprises four essential frameworks that are required to meet the primary goal of any online health company: to increase your profits, so you can expand your business and make a bigger impact on the world.

These four frameworks exists in a co-dependent, ecosystem. Successful health businesses align the entire 4 Framework Method with their marketing to create their growth platform.

1.) The Economic Framework

The economic framework looks at your numbers. We apply our funnel revenue projection Method to design and analyze funnels that will yield the maximum return.

2.) The Marketplace Framework

The marketplace framework dives into your competition. We identify gaps that exist to understand your product-market-fit and opportunities for product message match.

The trust and belief framework is a proprietary tool we use to

3.) The Trust and Belief Framework

assess the level of trust customers and prospects have with your marketing message as well as their inner state of belief towards your product category and individual product solutions. Which supports our research finding that people don’t buy health products the same way they buy other products.

By scoring a health businesses marketing efforts across trust and belief, we can identify gaping holes that when fixed help to reach the ultimate goal for each client's Impact Program.

With our guidance, most clients that approach their sales and marketing with the 4 Framework Growth Method grow by leaps and bounds, often tripling or quadrupling their their trust and belief scores in the first year and in-turn increase not only their profit and revenue but also their customer lifetime value.

4.) The Behavior Framework

The behavior framework is where we do a deep dive into your customers buyer psychology to uncover the best sales strategy. And gain insight from what they do on your website.

A/B Testing

Increasing profits for health businesses means a lot of different things to different people. For us it means applying the 4 Framework Growth Method to develop testable hypotheses that are validated through the Impact Program.

We don’t drive any traffic. Which means we don’t do Facebook ads, or any type of media buys. (We work on making you more money with the traffic you already have.)

We can’t make your website come up on the first page of Google. We don’t do Search engine optimization (SEO)

We are simply not experts in those areas.

A/B testing is the way in which we measure performance across the individual elements that are critical to dietary supplement, functional food and personal care businesses success.

By measuring changes we implement using our proprietary 4 Framework Growth Method, we can quantify improvements and gain customer and market insights that you can leverage across all aspects of your business.

The Impact Program

Health companies hire us to not only get the right strategies in place to maximize their profits, but also enable them to grow their businesses.

The Impact Program gets you started with both improvements and learnings in the first month of your engagement.

Each test takes an iterative step allowing you to precisely measure the effect of change, learn with each step and compound improvements. All tests aim for a statistical confidence level of 95% with an accurate sample size of data.

Our 12 Month Impact Program is designed to ensure that we meet three objectives:

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